About The Quiz

What is the General Knowledge Quiz ?

That's an easy one. This is a multiple choice online general knowledge uk quiz which contains 25 multiple choice questions on a wide variety of general knowledge type subjects. It's timed, which means that you can't go looking around the internet for the answer or you'll get no score at all.

Where are the questions from ?

From the depths of our own general knowledge. No. Only joking. Well slightly. We made them up with the help of the internet. We are pretty sure that we got all the answers correct but you never really know with the internet. Don't hold it against us.

Is this a UK quiz ?

The majority of the questions could be answered from anyone anywere in the world. However, this quiz was designed for UK audience and some of the questions will be easier to answer if you are from the UK.

Giving your brain a workout

One of the great things about the quiz is that it gets your brain working. The brain needs exercise as much as any muscle and taking tests and quizzes is a great way to do this. We know that this general knowledge quiz isn't exactly easy but we do give the answers at the end so that it's possible to gradually learn. There's currently over 1,000 questions in the quiz and it's not likely that you would learn them all but the more that you do the better you will get.

Why should I want to take this quiz ?

We've got no idea but we like taking it ourselves every now and again so it must be fun. There are many possible reasons including being utterly bored at work, wanted to improve your general knowledge, wanting to test yourself, wanting to be famous by getting on the top 10 list, etc, etc. Chances are that you just want to spend a little downtime doing a little quiz and that's fine by us.

Who are the brains behind such a cracking venture ?

Well we aren't exactly the brains but this site is part of a network of small entertainment websites. Some are really, really small and simple like this one, some a slightly bigger and some are truly medium sized.

Some of the questions are plain nasty

Of course. We achieve great things by attempting that which hasn't been done before. Or something like that. In other words, don't fear the dark.

When was this quiz launched ?

Way back in summer of 2010 when the days were longer and the sun was shining. We thought that a quiz to help improve our general knowledge would be a nice thing to create one day before going to the pub and so that's exactly what we did.

Do you ever update the quiz questions ?

Actually we do quite regularly at the moment. We don't tend to remove questions as many of our users come back and play many times and that would be nasty. We do tend to add a few questions each week to keep things fresh and up to date. We also make small tweaks to the interface, layout and sometimes when we even add new features such as the amazing high score table.

We hope you enjoy using this general knowledge quiz and good luck !