Create A Quiz Mini League

It's free, easy and you don't even need to register.

How it works

You enter your team name in the box below and click enter. You'll get a special link which you can email, tweet or facebook to work colleagues, school class, friends or family. Works great for office quiz competitions. All the players just need to make sure they use the special link to get to the website before they start the quiz. No registration, no email forms, no passwords. Just a special link.

It's free ?

Of course.

Where do I see the score results ?

Once you have created your mini league and/or arrived at the site from the special link, the only high score table you will see is the one that you have shared. You can 'jump out' of the mini league at any time and go back to the normal site by clicking the 'exit mini league' link. To get back in, just use your unique link.


High score ranking

Note that the high score ranking on mini league tables works differently to the master table. Only your highest score will show on the table so you won't get multiple entries. Once your name has been added, the general knowledge quiz will remember it for a a few days so you can keep improving your score.