How do I take the quiz ?

Simple. Just visit the home page and click start. You'll be asked a series of 25 randomly selected multiple choice general knowledge questions on a wide variety of general knowledge subjects from sport to nature, travel to history. You answer the questions simply by clicking on one of the multiple choice answers. We take you first answer so click carefully as you can't alter your response.

How long will it take ?

Depends entirely on how quickly you answer the questions, but let's say that you take 5 seconds per question then you should finish the quiz in just a couple of minutes. If you are sneaky wotsit and you look around the internet for the answer to each question then it'll take you longer but that's cheating and you wouldn't do that. Would you ?

How long to I get to answer the questions ?

That would be telling ! You need to answer the questions as quick as you can and it's worth noting that if you spend too long answering a question then you can get a score of zero for that question, even if you get the answer correct. However, the timer is per question rather than the whole general knowledge quiz so if you answer one question very slowly then it'll only affect a maximum of 4% of your overall score. So don't worry if you get stuck on just one question. We did the timer thing because sites like Wikipedia make general knowledge quizzes quite easy if you have too much time...

What if I don't know the answer ?

Then guess ! It's multiple choice so you may hit lucky and guess correctly. In fact, because it's a timed multiple choice we'd recommend that if you don't know the answer just guess as quick as you can. That way, if you guess correctly you'll get a good points score for that question.

Will you tell me the answers ?

We certainly do. At the end of the quiz, we indicate all the questions that you got wrong and provide you with the correct answer. You can get more information on how on the about the general knowledge quiz area.

What is General Knowledge ?

It's everything you can think of. We've taken questions from all sorts of subjects to provide a good test for your brains ! As the questions are randomly selected, you will get different questions each time you take the test.

What's the highest score I can get ?

At the end of the quiz you can see how you compare to the average user that visited the general knowledge quiz. You can also see which questions you got wrong and what the right answer should be. If this is the first time you have played, note that you really can get over 700 - it is possible!

Because we have been asked many times now what the maximum theoretical score is, we'll tell you. It's actually 750. However, due to various technical reasons the highest score that is reasonably achievable is around 725. Nobody has ever managed to do this (including us, and we set the questions..). Anything over 710 is astonishingly fast and to be clear, if you get anywhere near that or in fact get anything over 700 then you've been playing too many times :-)

How do I get on the High Score table ?

If you get a high score and you wish to become slightly famous then enter your name. The high score table is updated every day so if you don't manage to get onto the table today, why not have another go tomorrow ?

That's it really. Enjoy the quiz and the best of luck.