Office Quiz

How to set up an office quiz

The General Knowledge quiz has created Mini Leagues to allow people to setup a high score table just for their own office. It doesn't cost anything and it's really easy to setup and use. Which, knowing many offices is a very good thing.

To get going, just visit the Quiz MiniLeague page and follow the simple instructions. To give you some more information, we've added some typical questions below.

Setting the players

There are two ways to setup the MiniLeague. The easiest way is to set it up as an 'open' league. This means that there's only one special code to access your own League Table. You can share this code with whoever you want and they can enter the league. At the end of the quiz, each person will be asked their name and that will appear on the Mini League high score table for your office. Each player can choose their own name so the quizmaster might want to ask people to carefully type their own name. If you have two people in the same office with the same first name, then beware !

Is the quiz high score table private ?

Yes and no. We don't advertise your unique link on the site anywhere. However, anyone that you share the link with will have access to your quiz league. If you share the link on social media websites then anyone who has access will be able to play in your league. We will be releasing a completely 'sealed' version soon but anything like that would need password and so on which just makes things complicated.

Can I change the players ?

If you set up the Mini League as an open league then anyone with the access code can join and enter their name. If you set up the Mini League as a closed league, then you will need to enter the names of the players and each player will get their own individual access code. For example, you may want to pre-enter the names of everyone in your office so that they have their slot already allocated. Anyone who doesn't have a code cannot enter the league table and the code is unique to the first person that uses it.

Setting the difficulty

At the moment, the general knowledge quiz questions are not graded. Some are easy and some are very difficult. However, over the course of a standard quiz, the questions tend to even themselves out. We are currently in the process of grading the quiz and it will be possible in the future to select a difficulty level on the Mini League.

Can I set a time limit on the game ?

At the moment, no. It is possible when you setup the Mini League to choose whether people can play multiple times or just once. If you set that they can play just once, then each person who has entered their name will have their highest score set against them and they will not be able to play again. If you choose that they can play multiple times, then each user can keep playing trying to increase their score. However, unlike our master high score table, each user can only appear on the list once.

Can we remove the advertising or brand it ourself ?

At the moment, no. We have to pay for the servers and our lunch somehow ! We are going to release a paid-for version shortly which will, for a very small amount, allow people to share an ad-free version of the general knowledge quiz.

Can we compete against other offices ?

There isn't a way at the moment to compare high score league tables. We have looked at this and realised that while there may be a certain level of honesty within an office, that competitive nature may lead to slightly dishonest behaviour across offices. In short, we haven't yet found an easy, registration free way of created team based high score tables that can't be manipulated !

Does everyone get the same quiz questions ?

They don't. We had a look at the possibility of letting people choose the quiz questions but as there are thousands of them it didn't make much sense. To randomly pick 25 questions for each mini league seemed a little boring so we decided against that. Each player will get a random selection of 25 questions from the whole pool every time and yes, some office members are going to get a slightly tougher quiz than others. However, a question that might be impossible for one person can be very easy to a colleague, so you never really know.

How much does it cost ?

The standard office quiz mini league doesn't cost anything at all. It doesn't require registration and there's no limit to the number of plays. We will release an ad-free paid version soon but right now it's all ad-funded and completely free.

Getting started

To get started with your own office quiz league, then just visit the Quiz MiniLeague page and follow the simple instructions. We don't provide any help and assistance other than the information provided on the website because we don't earn enough from the site to do that ! It is however really easy to play and it's quick and easy to get started. Your office will never be the same again !